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Ground Hog Day


In order to receive your official certificate please send us the following:

    • SASE - Self addressed stamped envolope.
      (for returned certificate to be mailed to you in)

    • Be sure to mark "your contact number" on the envolope.
      (This way we can look up your data to fill in the form)

    • Send this envelope to us at the following address. 

The Address For Certificate is:

Steve Walman
Groundhog Contact No. ___
37 Clark Street
Brookville, Pa. 15825

NOTE: Put your contact number in the "___" above.
This will help us a lot to process your certificate.

Note: Certificates should be all mailed out within 2-3 weeks.
If you don't receive your certificate by then, contact us: mailto:k3hwj@punxyclub.com

Special Event Station

Our Annual Ground Hog Day Special Event Station will be held this year on 
Saturday, February 2th from about 9:00 a.m. till at least 3:00 p.m. or later, 
depending upon band conditions at that time.
We plan, as before, to be on:
  •  40 meters on or about 7.185
    +/- about 5 khz.

  • 20 meters on or about 14.325 
    +/- about 5 khz.

  • 80 meters "backup" is not planned at this time.
    +/- about 5 khz. 

We will, as before, offer a certificate for a "SASE" (self addressed stamped envelope) and mail it to the address which is listed below.