Punxy Net Roster

QST QST QST. This is the Punxsutawney Area Amateur Radio Club Net.

This net meets every Monday at 7:30 PM on the 147.390 repeater, with a Pl of 173.8. 

The backup repeater is the 146.715 repeater with the same pl.

The purpose of this net is to: 

  1. test communications equipment,to
  2. train personnel for emergency communications, 
  3. and to pass any traffic in the area. 
Your net control for this evening is: ___(Your Name & Call)___
Any stations with emergency or priority traffic please call now. 

Hearing none, roll call will begin with Jefferson county.

(Now select the countries listed below)........................

   After calling the counties the second time, continuimng reading the section below.   

Anything for the good of the net?

This concludes the Punxsutawney Area Amateur Radio Club net. 

We wish to thank all stations for their participation
and ask that they check in again next week.

This is ___(Your Name & Call)___ returning the 147.390 repeater back to general amateur use.