Club's Logo Page

This is one that I worked on to get started but the problem is:
No radio and no antenna like the one below.
The cartoon groundhog might go well on T-Shirts and ball caps.
But the one down below has a lot of detail in it which might be a problem to use.

Simple is the answer, we need a club logo that we can sell on things to raise funds.
Show us your idea or change and color up one of these below.
The words "The Spirit has to be removed from the one below.
That is the local newspaper and they would like for us not to use it with those words.
Otherwise okay to modify and use it as we would like.

The final logo needs to have room at the bottom for the contact data.
Also the club call "K3HWJ" has to be on it for sure.
The size needs to be 4 x 6. It will be a contact card also for us to send out to other hams.

Maybe two version of the logo using the second drawing.
One for the card and another for T-Shirts and ball caps.

Maybe the first one with a walkie talke radio instead of a newspaper would be okay.

If you decide to use the bottom one then:
Bottom photo can only have one radio and one tower would be okay to make it simpler.

Submitted by Heather Buttner

Submitted by Standard Pennant in Big Run, Pa


Don Jewell's club sign