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Examination Pattern  and  pass score:

The complete exam will be in the multiple choice objective type.In the test session you will be served the question paper and a separate answer sheet.Results will be announced after the validation of  each test element.If you get qualified then you will be allowed to take next element.
All the questions will be taken from the official question pool 
There is no time pressure for the exam. Approximately it takes 60 to 120 minutes for each test session.



 in the pool.    
Total questions in 
the exam.

Minimum required
 to pass

Max allowed

wrong answers.




 Element 2 39635
 26 9 Technician
 Element 3 48435
 26 9  General
 Element 4 73850
Study Notes & Practice Exams:

Download Ham Academy 10.01 
unzip and open "Index". As a Novice user start the new Drill and select 'Sequential' order of questions. Practice each Question by clicking on respective Blue button.For any clarifications refer the study notes. 
If you still interested to learn the  full subject for example "part 97 rules" just Google it! 

Once if you see your improvement and ready to face the test go to  and check your scores.

Issue of CSCE:
soon after the completion of the exam session all the successful examinees will get their "Certificate of Successful Completion of the Exam". CSCE is valid for 365 days.

End of Morse code requirment:
FCC announced on December 15, 2006 that it intended to adopt rule changes which would eliminate the Morse code requirement for amateur operator licenses. Shortly thereafter, the effective date of the new rules was announced as February 23, 2007. After that date, the FCC immediately granted the former Technician Plus privileges to all Technician Class operators, consolidating the class into a single set of rules.  read full article at: 
Application  form has to be filled in at the time of the test. Keep your Full Name,FRN,Photo ID,US postal address ready.
Pay the $15 USD at the test site. One time fee is sufficient for all the test elements during that session. .
Retake the test: 
If the VE team has another set of test papers and the team has enough time and willingness to serve, the failed candidates are eligible to retake the test
Allowing for Retake is always depends on VE team decision.

FRN registration:
For non USA applicants:  Registration type-Individual, contact address -is not with in USA,
If you do not have a "Social Security Number", select a reason: 'The individual as foreign' from the drop down menu.
Fill the form with your Complete Permanent address.
You are advised not to give US mailing address as contact address at the time of FRN registration. 
Complete the rest of the details and the system will generate a 10 Digit FRN.
 This number will be used to uniquely identify you in all transactions with the FCC.
US Mailing Address:FCC delivers the Hard copy of the license only inside the USA. So all the examinees should provide US mailing address at the time of filling up the application at the test site in order to receive your license.
Validity period of the license: valid for 10 years and free online renewal with in 2 months at the end of every 10 years.There is also a grace period of 2 years.

One day Extra!!:
Get benefit from the freely available self study materials and Question pools, or buy from ARRL Store , Register FRN online,Provide a US postal address, Pay a fee of Rs 750/- to take the test.Complete Technician, General and Extra in a single go and feel proud of your achievement!. If you still passionate and time permits think of becoming a Volunteer Examiner to serve your Local Communities to spread the Amateur Radio for International Good will.

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